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I love going to the movies! A friend and I were recently discussing who we thought was the best actor of all time. I started doing Google searches on “all time best actors”. I was surprised at the lists that I found and who they had chosen for their all time best actors.

Some of the names I saw in top 10 best actor lists, included such actors as Tom cruise, Michael Caine and Denzel Washington. These guys have done some excellent films, no doubt. But are they really the best?

In my humble opinion I would have certainly included names that surprisingly weren’t on that particular top 10 list of all time best actors. Names like James Dean, Humphrey Bogart and Al Pacino.

I want an actor to be versatile to qualify for top ten. They have to be able to go from The Graduate character, a college aged young man, to “Ratso ” a sick and limping New Yorker in Midnight Cowboy, to a reporter in All the Presidents Men, to an autistic savant in Rainman. Of course this actor is Dustin Hoffman who was on the list.

Best actor of all time should be versatile, They should be able to go from creepy cab driver with a mo-hawk in Taxi Driver, to a punch drunk fighter in Raging Bull, to an awakened coma victim in Awakenings to a mob boss that’s goofy in: Analyze This, to a cold-hearted killer in Goodfellas. Of course this is Bobby De Niro, Or Robert, for those that don’t know him well, haha. He made that list.

In the movie Giant, one of the few movies that James Dean made, he went from goofy, shy and introverted but stubborn kid, to a 50 something, gray haired, oil tycoon in less than an hour, in one movie. And was amazingly convincing.dean Wasn’t on the list.

Bogart could go from mousy, goofball in African Queen, doing whatever Katharine Hepburn demanded, to slapping or being slapped by the toughest of movie characters around. Then to a battle fatigued Captain Queeg. Wasn’t on the list.

Russell Crowe can go from Gladiator, to schizophrenic genius, in a Beautiful Mind. Wasn’t on the list. Now don’t get me wrong, I believe Tom Cruise has been in some of the all time best movies. But in my opinion, seems to be just a lot of the same Top Gun character.

Actors like Jimmy Stewart, of times past and Matt Damon of today, jsaren’t even mentioned. This site is dedicated to those actors, with amazing versatility and I have only mentioned a few.

Please leave your nominations in a comment below, for your all time favorite actor and let’s let the people decide!

Readers Choices:

Mel Gibson, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, Nicholas Cage, and Tom Hanks

Cary Grant, James Dean, Jimmy Stewart, and Al Pacino, Robert Downey JR, Russell Crow and Matt Damon

Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Russell Crowe, Denzel Washington, Jack Nicklaus and Anthony Hopkins. Favorites are Robin Williams and Matt Damon

Tyrone Power, Laurence Olivier and Kenneth Branagh

Cary Grant and Jimmy Stewart, Don Ameche.

Gregory Peck/Too kill a mocking bird. Cicely Tyson/The Autobiography of Jane Pittman, Morgan Freeman, Shaw Shank Redemption, Lou Gossett Jr/An Officer and a Gentleman and Clint Eastwood in anything/

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